Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1467

12/2/06 CH3 & SCH3 Idiots Day Hash
Hare:Speckle Bird

On this cold and crazy day with wind chills hovering around 0 degrees twenty brave hashers came together on the Northwest side of the city to celebrate the Annual Idiots Day Hash. The circle began promptly at 2:30 pm or in idiot language 2:45 pm. The circle began with the idiot Speckie using white chalk to explain his marks did he realize it had snowed the day before? What an idiot!! Son of Dick made himself a menace was soon found face down in the snow pushed down by the hare. Is the circle required to call DCFS for Child Abuse? After a quick chalk talk trail was begun with the Anus Clan leading the way. It�s too Soft was present and accounted for even after hosting a hugely successful bar crawl the night before. CP and her clones also made an appearance this day. The trail went left the trail went right and soon the first circle jerk was found by Peg Leg and Rhotan Man. True to form this trail was set by an idiot after one check the pack was seen circling and
circling the same park until Bloody Thighs found trail leading out of the park.
This led east a little until we came to our next split which was a turkey-eagle split. Lifa and Orgy our overachieving hashers went eagle while others like Just Inga, Just jessie and Just Patti took the turkey split. The trail ended up at some bar on Milwaukee Ave. that was connected to a liquor store go figure. It was at this fine establishment where old men passed around a shared pair of teeth so each could gnaw on some pizza. I think Dingleberry had more teeth than the 15 old guys in there combined. It reminded me of one of Ez on the Asses South side bars he frequents. The pack enjoyed a fine cold one and then took off on the 1/2 mile jog back to the bar where Stump Humper was already warming her buns along with Blood Thighs. The hash cash came back and beer was poured out to the welcoming pack.
Soar Balls and Stumpy lead the circle in welcoming the new virgin Just Patti to the hash, who by the way is paid in full for 1469/Anthrax. 2nd Timer Just Jessie will only be around for Anthrax and then she will be off back to school at MSU this will be a loss of some fine hash material. She is dying to be named before she leaves though. Grateful Dick announced that the Cuss hash will be run next on March 17, 2007 Sorry Grateful, But the Chicken should by in St. Louis for the green dress. The only other person not mentioned yet is Just Kaitlin so there she is. The hash was still going strong when the Chicken crossed the road at 7 pm and may still be there now. Also thanks to whoever bought our food because we were informed that the food order was taken care of if not I owe someone $7.

Chicken Stiffer