Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1462

10/29/06 CH3 #1462- Calvin and Batteries-�HALLOWEEN HASH

The hash started on time and in good order because the Bears were laying the smack down upon the hapless 49’ers. The Hash was in a joyous mood due to the 41-0 lead the Bears had when the hash began. The circle was conducted by an actual Hare with white pointy ears and a Hound in Batteries and Calvin. The young virgins Just Spencer and Just Jen were instructed in the fine art of mark reading by the hares and then we were off.

Mudsucker jaywalked across Broadway and almost became Mudstucker on the pavement, but Rearloader found trail and the pack was off. Chicken Stiffer lead the pack back across Broadway and ran into one of the walkers Erect the Red. The usual crew of check hangers of CP, Bloody Thighs on her high horse, and Sugar Nipples with Just Gunner waited for the FRB’s to find trail. Trail was found heading back to the lake and north towards Loyola. Arriving in the area of Loyola Just Mike was verbally abused by a student for leading from the back of the pack with the flag and carrying it at half-mast, more on that later. After running the trail thru Loyola much of the pack got split up but Mike Ditka aka EZ on the ASS could be heard screaming when the final score of the Bears game became known. Stupid-Man, I mean Stab’em and Slab’em stopped to help a pre-med student on the quad was he really that cute?? The Trail finally hit the lakefront where the pack had to climb over 10 ft pieces of concrete used as a breakwater. Bonner was seen giving Mouthful of Meat an extra boost over each obstacle that laid in front of her.

Mercifully the trail wound back west and through the Rogers Park neighborhood where Chicken Stiffer and Rearloader watched a one-man boxing match in the middle of an intersection. The CPD finally showed up to ring the bell and end the bout that was ruled TKO and an arrest. Finally the BN and B were found and the pack enjoyed candy and beer at Hamilton’s.

The ON-IN was a sight to see where the circle was served free beer by the Miller Lite girls, Leslie and Mary. Mudsucker for some reason kept asking for seconds? Lower Wackoff had changed into his cow costume that would have been perfect at the Chicago Fire hash, nice tits Wackoff. Oh and guess who finally showed up trying to share his nuts with the Miller Lite girls none other than our favorite hasher PeterBilt. Prizes were handed out and It’s Too Soft won for his tainted spinach costume, check out his photos on-line. But the big winner of the day was Mudsucker picking up free Bears tickets in the Miller Lite Section for this weeks game now if he can only find a date?? The circle ended but the hash decided to send Just Mike and Just Brenda out for a possible naming. The Hash in its infinite wisdom or stupidity magically changed Just Mike into Half-Masturbator. (See previous comments about his flag duties). Just Brenda had been deemed unworthy of naming but her day will cum. Hopefully we will see everyone next week at Paddy Mack’s

Chicken Stiffer- CH3-GM

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