CH3 #1459

Sunday 10/8/2006 @2pm
Chicago HHH #1459
Great Chicago Fire Hash : Oct. 8-9, 1871

Hare(s): Chicken Stiffer and possible volunteer?
Venue: Morgan’s Bar and Grill on Maxwell Street – 1325 S. Halsted St., Chicago

We lost our hare for Sunday if someone would like to lay trail with me on Sunday please contact me. This is a great chance for Virgin hares to learn from a master hare. (Insert coughing and Choking noises) I have already found a venue for us that has $6 pitchers and good food. If no one will step up than be prepared for a Chicken Stiffer Death March that will cover all the areas of Chicago burned down by that damn cow. Please check out the links to the maps so you can see how far you will be running.

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