Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1457

The Chicago Hash 9/25/06 by Horn-E

Our hares were EZ on the Ass and Stump Humper. I’d like to say something good about this hash, but I’m just not that big of a liar. Okay, I’m kidding. Sort of. The actual course wasn’t all that bad. The marks just weren’t were Chicago Hashers would normally look for them. Like under a street light. Like on a corner. Like suddenly appearing on the other side of the street. Like somewhat consistently spaced. To often we had a split or a check and didn’t know how far to actually check before turning back. Do we go over a block one time and a hundred feet the next?

The pack wasn’t all good at acting like a pack either. Short cutting. I’m often guilty of this. But when you see a short cut, you have to take it. Ranging. I’m guilty of this. When you range out at a check, and the trail goes another way, you either back track or range towards the lead hound. Not calling out to others. This is a group endeavor. If you are on trail, call it out. When you come to a check, call it out. When someone shouts out RU, reply either Checking, On On, or Looking. Lets work like a pack like a hash should. And blowing a whistle at the third mark after a check or the first mark after a split and never actually checking if anyone actually heard your whistle is the same as not calling out at all. Lets work together so we can resolve trails that aren’t marked all that well in a more timely and organized manner.

And remember that the idea is to run as a group. The purpose of checking and splits is to regroup the pack, not split them up all over the city. One of our newer hashers said at the beer stop that this wasn’t fun. That is how we lose people. Our trails are supposed to be fun, together. I know that both hares tried to lay a good trail. But when that many fast. good hounds are scattered all over, something went wrong. Hares? Hounds?

The On On was good. Stump Humper’s mom put out a good supply of Mexican food for us and we all dug in. Then Calvin Klein led a decent circle and EZ on the Ass was almost overflowing with beer. We had a virgin in Just Kelly. And after the circle she tried to lead us in a dirty song. She sounds like a keeper.

Now everybody make plans for Chicago’s first Sunday hash of the season.

On On

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