Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1446

Tale of the Trail

The Chicago Hash 7/10/06 by Horn-E

We hashed out of the American Legion hall in Evanston. The entrance wasn’t all that obvious, but I found it. The second group to arrive couldn’t find it and waited in a car. But we all soon gathered within and met two new virgins, Just Christy and Just Katy.

The Ass family finally arrived. Four hares. Yes, with a shortage of hares, we had four on one trail. But the Ass family wanted to get together for a joint haring experience. We finally circled up just as our Mom of the year, Coffee Tea Or Me and Mount Me Puh’leeze arrived. The trail headed under the tracks and to a high wall. High enough that this old fart had to try twice to get up it. I then got away with some outrageous chivalry while helping Just Katy up. We then headed west down Central to Dyche Stadium. As we headed north on the east side of the stadium, The head Chicken, Chicken Stiffer almost broke a drumstick as he crashed on his knee. Was he hurt bad? I don’t know, but less then a mile later he was back in front.

At the second check, I found the trail and I led for a while heading further north and then east. I hit a split and picked wrong. That is where Chicken Stiffer passed me. I ranged east and finally ran through the golf course where I again picked up on trail as I saw Calvin Klein crossing the golf course. We came to another check near Sheridan Rd. The trail went south toward Bahai Temple. Cool. We were going to run through their new gardens and around the temple. Wrong.

We just kept going south, block after block. We finally headed east toward the lake. One of the hares, Cum In My Ass Fault was just ahead taking pictures. Imagine that. Someone actually taking pictures on trail instead of the usual group shots or shots of someone with a glass in their face. We need more of these types. I digress.

The trail came back to Sheridan Rd and we ran south toward Northwestern. We finally had a split towards the lake. We wandered around a bit as the FRBs kept heading south and NOT CALLING ON ON. We finally headed south again. We came to another split. This time the trail finally headed towards the lake. A tiny park and then through someone’s back yard to a check. There were marks towards the lake. I headed that way, looking, hoping and anticipating a beer stop. Perfect. Sand dunes surrounded by tall grasses and a view of the lake. False Trail. Damn.

By the time I reemerged at the check, all were gone. I found trail and eventually saw Canned Pussy, and then a bunch of bimbos ahead. I eventually started to catch the pack just before the beer stop, under a bridge. Here I found Pied Piper from the Gypsy Hash in San Francisco. He arrived before the hash, also couldn’t find the entrance, thought we already left and ran the trail by himself. From here it was a short walk back to the American Legion.

No pitchers, but cheap (?) I think, cans of beer. We held a circle led by Calvin Klein and Stump Humper. We introduced our two new virgins, Just Christy, who did a decent job of keeping up with the pack. I made her cum and I was doing my usual ranging on trail. So I constantly found myself trying to catch up so my own virgin wouldn’t beat me to the beer stop. Just Katy was more of a runner and she was often near the front of the pack. Well done to both and welcome to the Chicago Hash and hashing. Backed Up Pipes finally arrived in the tightest tights I have ever seen on a guy. They were so tight, we could tell what religion he was. Was he going to get razzed for these, and get a down down? Read several. Later he swapped tops with Just Katy. She is probably still trying to get all of the hairs out. A good time, but the hash cash ran out quickly and we were soon off.

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