Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1443

Tale of the Trail – Chicago Hash #1443

Monday’s Hash was a blast! Chicken Stiffer complained that he didnt have any time to set a trail, but it was a great trail with an awesome beer stop! We started off with a good pack of 17 and headed out and about in the Lincoln Park Neighborhood. There were a few tricky checks from hell and a lit of new scenery that we havent covered in the past.

We zipped through a couple new subdivisions and twisted though the usual hood too. At one point the visitor from Sin City and myself ended up getting cut off from the pack while checking out a long false check and then decided to range down a really long block. At first, I thought we were screwed, but eventually sniffed out trail under the “L” tracks and ended back up in front.

The FRB of the pack changed hands often with this maze of checks and splits. EZ on the Ass, Rear Loader and Clavin Klein were all swapping out the position while Horn-E ranged to the point we lost him at the check just before the Beer Stop in front of the US Beer Comany. Stump Humper and Rhotan sniffed that one out and we all headed through the A. Finkl and Sons foundry to get a lung full of Asbestos. The Beer stop was at an old dock on the far end of their office parking lot. Everyone made it except Spotted Cock and Horn-E. We had no idea where they were, but eventually Spotted showed up, after running the trail backwards from a point he ranged out the trail with Horn-E, and said Horn-E kept going to the On-In!

The Beer stop was a literal Blast….most of it coming from Chicken Stiffer’s Butt. We all headed out and sniffed out the trail which wound around until it eventually came to Armitage. It followed along the hood and right back to Beaumonts where we enjoyed cheap beer, pizza and a great circle by Calvin and Stumpy.

Great Hash people! Too bad you missed it!


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