Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1423

Super Bowl Hash

By Rear Loader

Sunday’s hash was quite the treat…….if you enjoyed death marches with no marks. It started off quite well, we headed west over to Clark that the pack was kept together very nicely with a few splits and circle jerks. The Trail then headed south on clark and turned into the parking garage of the Century Mall. We climbed up to the third floor and went to the exit door. There was an arrow there that gave you 3 choices to choose from . Virtually Hung opted for the door that went into the mall and I followed. The rest of the pack opted for the door that went down and back into the garage. We didnt see any marks and looked kind of odd running through the mall, but Virtual was sure he made the right choice! When we exited the mall, we found a well hidden arrow that pointed across the street. Cum in my Asphalt, Virtual and I followed a couple of arrows that led to a check on Diversey. Now this is where it gor bad, from this point I never saw the pack again until we made it back to the bar. I went East, Virtual went South and Cum in my Asphalt I lost track of, but it looked like she hung out at the check.

I followed a couple arrows and found nothing so I headed back to the Check, but no one was there. I thought virtual found trail and I headed south on Clark. Again, I followed two arrows and saw nothing more. I decided to go back to the check again. I decided to head North on Broadway followed one arrow, but again found nothing and decided to range East, hoping to find something. I could not hear any whistloes or “On On’s” being called, so I gave it a shot. I ran into Virtual who said he found nothing in that direction. We figured that the true trail had to go west on Diversey and sure enough it did. I briefly saw the pack ahead of me on Diversey, they finally caught up to us from that garage mess. They turned down an alley, but Virtual was sure that the trail went straight and sure enough, it did. We followed the marks to a check back down a side street. The pack caught up and they turned around, I continued to look for a hidden mark and made my way to Diversey where I ran into Mudsucker who was bragging that he was an FRB for about five minutes. When we got back to Diversey, the pack was gone. I said screw it and ranged down a side street, parallelling the back and found some arrows. I followed those with Mudsucker and Virtually hung to a check near St. Clements. We could not find any marks after this point. I saw the pack congregate near the check, but I was running around looking for marks. I ran into Learning to Blow and we decided to range to the south where we soon found marks. The marks turned left, but i kept going straight thinking that they came out nearby, boy was I wrong.

Fom this point I never really found trail again. I ended up on Fullerton and Lake Shore Drive where I found Smelly Concha who claimes that he hasnt seen the pack for a really long time. He found a check behind the museum but lost the trail from there. He headed back to the check and I decided to hit the running path to see if there were any marks. I ran north for a while and never saw another hasher again. I got to a point near diversey and never saw any marks. I decided to go west and back to the bar where there was no one. I figured that I might be able to follow the trail backwards and run into the pack, so I headed North on Broadway and the East to teh Park. The trail headed under Lake Shore and then South and kept going and going and going. I had images of the Two Tickets / Sugar Nipples Lake Shore 10K and decided to turn around and go back to the bar where I ran into Virtually Hung and Cums in my Asphalt.

At this point they told me that the beer stop was under the bridge by Diversey Harbor…..great the one place I didnt look! In anycase, we had an expedited circle due to the kick off of the super bowl and a lot of great food put out by the bar. Overall a fun time despite the fact that I got lost!

Rear Loader