Marathon Beer Stop 2005

The Chicago Marathon is on Oct. 9 this year. For almost ten years I have been going out around mile 23 and handing out beer to hashers as they ran by. Over the last several years we really expanded until we gave away three kegs of Goose Island beer two years ago. That was about 1800 cups of beer or about 5% of the Marathoners got a taste as they ran by. That was outstanding. Then last year we got busted by the cops. We got out there a little to soon and the last cop cruising the scene saw us and reported us. Of course we shut down right away, and we never even tapped a keg.
That brings us to this year. Do we do anything? What do we do? I was suggesting that we each bring out our own donations (sixers or a case) and some cups and keep all of our beer hidden in back packs or bags or whatever we have to do to keep it low key and hidden. That we can coordinate later.
Then Peterbilt passed on some information about Pabst Blue Ribbon maybe wanting to do something with the hash. So I called this person and established contact. I explained our history with the Marathon and suggested that they might want to donate ten cases or so. They have liability concerns, so their donation is to us and what we do with it is our business. We have no problem with that. She also suggested that we at least let the Marathoners know what they are getting. I suggested that we carry a can and several cups and pour it right there so they can see the can. Shouldn’t be a problem. They will get back to us later if they want to do that idea.
They also suggested that they work with us through bars were they would negotiate a price for us. They could do it with the small Moon hashes or large Chicago or Thirstday hashes. Sounds good. I did specify that I would want this for all of the area hashes and I was not jumping in first with the Moon Hashes. Who knows. Maybe a different hash each month in different locations that serve Pabst. But we GMs need to get together on this and what we can do for the area hashes.
I made a preliminary venture that I specified would be separate from anything else that might me done, because the Marathon is only 30 days away and the time is clicking down. I specified that this should in no way interfere in any other future discussions with all of the hashes.

In the interval, direct your Marathon ideas to me, including getting some Pabst beer to give out, or what to do if they decide they don’t want to do the Marathon.

Direct your ideas about Pabst future considerations to your GMs.

Meanwhile, we GMs need to get together over the next week or so and see what we collectively would want and separately want as far as Pabst is concerned. Perhaps even a generic shirt something like “Chicago Area Hashes get pissed on PBR.”
This would also make a good discussion for [email protected].

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