Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1389

Hey guys,

If you didnt get out to the Hash on Monday, you missed a great time! We started out at about 730pm and headed out on a trail that twisted through the lincoln park neighborhood schools. I think we may have hit every one of them! After touring the finer edumakashunal instatushuns in the city, we came up to the famed Lincoln park. We had a tough time with a few checks and after running General Grant we headed up to the Zoo and a funky circle jerk which sent us out to the parking lot. Virtually Hung sniffed out the trail and took us through the lot to the north end of the zoo and down a path along side one of the lagoons where the hares were waiting with beverages.

Several of us took off back on trail and followed the new ON IN marks until we decided to short cut. Just Nasir lead the way on a split that took us down a side street where we soon learned we were not on trail. We knew where the bar was and just decided to keep going toward the bar. At some point Horn-E and I ended up going in another direction, but soon found some marks at Lincoln ave and started following the real on in trail. We twisted through a few alleys and streets until we came up to Halsted and ran back into Just Nasir and Ahead of him was Dragon Queen & a few other FRBs that followed the true trail the whole way back

Beaumonts ended up being a GREAT venue. We had great pitcher prices and food deals. I think we went through a hundred chicken wings and several pizzas. I finally decided to head out at 1030pm and there were still quite a few people enjoying the last remaining pitchers.

Hats off to the Hares for a great run and an awesome venue!

Rear Loader