Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1386

The Tale of the Trail

The Chicago Hash 5/23/5 by Horn-E
Magnetic Muff picked a great little dive bar for this marathon training hash. At least it seemed that way after taking a wrong turn and ending up about a half mile behind the pack right at the start. Actually it was only about 5 miles, but after the marathon training Big Dog Hash the day before, I was getting run down. There did seem to be a lot of long straights, but in reality there were a few loops to take the boredom out of the FRBs and regroup the pack. I actually was just catching up to the pack when Milk My Yak took a wrong turn into the woods and dragged me along. When we emerged from the brush along the rivers edge, the FRBs were out of sight. And there was a check. Going right was right. I went left. Wrong. When I finally headed in the right direction Milk My Yak and I found the trail again and we ran up to the beer stop along the river.

After the beer stop we headed east over the river and then along the new river walk to a check at a park. Here Lower Wackoff and I ran ourselves in circles for a while and finally emerged onto Peterson were I spotted a mark. From here on in it was mostly straight and I still got off coarse. Shortcutting. I finally stumbled back onto marks and followed them into the bar.

Virtually Hung led us in a good circle. Nuttin’ Bitch proved to be the bimbo of the day as she locked her car keys in her car and ran with her house keys. Yup, she get a down down. And many others were given before we quit. We then got into some hot dogs, some damn good chocolate chip cookies and a lot more beer.

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