Tale of the Trail – CH3 #1370

The Tale of the Trail

The Chicago Hash 1/30/05 by Rear Loader

Sunday’s run was a good time with a wonderful turn out for a cold January day. We ran a beautiful square which started at the bar, went down to the lake, over to Lawrence and up to Bloody Thigh’s house. As usual Horn-E was absent, he claims that he got lost and was found back at the On – In. From Bloody’s house we ran straight back to K’s Dugout for a circle which was led by Milk my Yak and Rear Loader. It was a marathon circle with lots of accusations and down downs. We had a visitor from Okinawa H3 ( I forgot his name, sorry) who brought a couple of great hash shirts from the Okinawa H3. We had a drink-off to determine the winners. On the Harriet side, CP, Bloody Thighs and Red Snapper all did down downs to get the shirt and the winner was Red Snapper! On the Guy’s side, there were several contestants and we had to narrow it down to 2 finalists, Mudsucker and Rear Loader. Tensions were high as these two beer gladiators chugged it out for the prize. Sugar Nipples sang us a new song to commorate this battle of the big mouths. It was really close but Rear Loader came out the winner. Mudsucker was quoted as saying….”but you knew the song! I didnt know it and was trying to hear the down down down!”

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