Marathon Beer Stop 2004

Sun Oct 10
The Chicago Marathon Beer Stop.

This is our first announcement. We have three kegs of Goose Island beer to give away to the marathoners at mile 23. This is for all Chicago Area hashers no matter what hash they’re affiliated with. The race starts at 8AM, so the elite runners will come by about 9:45AM. The beer drinkers will start coming by about 10:45AM. We can use several volunteer to help set up everything before 9:45 AM. I also could use some volunteers with vehicles to pick up the beer on Sat. and ice on Sun. I believe I have all of the signs from last year, and they can be used again. Perhaps this year we could have some signs representing each of the local hashes.
Last year we had a lot of volunteers to help set up and give out beer. B. O. B. and I couldn’t pour beer fast enough. The runners really appreciated our efforts. Many said that it was a real treat and a boost to the finish. Let’s cheer on on with beer, all the marathoners and especially all of our fellow hashers that are actually running this year.
Any volunteers, please email Horn-E at h3horneh3@… or call at 773 248-7737, or just show up. More details next week.