CH3 #1168

Chicago Hash #1168 2 PM
Sunday, April 8 #1168 2 PM
Peterbilt will hare a High Sox
hash. It will be held at the
Northeast corner of the Old
Orchard Shopping Center
Parking lot, Across from La
Salle Bank at 1000 Skokie
Blvd. in Skokie, Illinois.
Now these are Peterbilt’s
instructions so follow them
EXACTLY. If ya get lost, he
will have his cell phone on :
312-617-8440. FREE AWESOME
FOOD, possible BBQ!!!
“To get there, take the Edens
(I-94) to Old Orchard exit
(north of Chicago). Get off
and HEAD east. Turn right into
the Old Orchard Mall parking
lot AFTER passing
Bloomingdale’s. This is the
ONLY way in without
complications. You should be
HEADing towards SAKS after
turning into the lot. When you
get to SAKS, turn left heading
east and then work your way
over to the farthest NE corner
of the the lot. DIRECTLY
accross from LaSalle Bank. The
run starts there. So there..
Peterbilt.” This is an A to B
hash and there will be food.

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