Pint 4A Pint 2014

Donate a pint get a pint at the beer bistro on Chicken Stiffer.
PLEASE USE CODE AH85 when donating to help out my school as well as those in need of blood.

We will use the beer bistro as a base camp which is a block away from the lifesource donation building on fullerton. They also open at 11 am and have food and beer for people.

Dear Chicago Hash,

I know it may be something you do not think about but blood donations are down in the area so please consider donating in the next couple of weeks. My school is running a blood drive on Sept. 17 and we would like to see you donate here or any LIFESOURCE blood donation center across the city or suburbs. If You donate please use the CODE: AH85 at the donation center because our school gets credit for your donations which gives us money for students scholarships.
The above link is location of donation centers across the city and suburbs hopefully you can donate in the next couple of weeks and help raise the blood supply in the area.


Last year about 7-8 donated then we rolled over to FUJI’s to watch Bama vs Texas tech. It was a pretty cool time

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