Memorial Day 2024

Memorial Day is back to banish our memories for good! Chicago H3 has combined forces with Thirstday and Moon to bring you a whopping five days of hashing. If your liver isn’t what it used to be, you can rego for the main event individually and pay walk-up price for other trails.

Prices increase as regos come in, so lock in your nice low price early!

Max # of Regos Main Event Price Full Weekend Price
20 $49 $59
50 $59 $69
80 $69 $79
100 $75 $85

Here’s your rego form!

Prices increase as we get more regos, so lock in your better price early!

Want crash space? Let us know in your rego form and we’ll try to get your filthy lil butt off the street (at night, at least).

Questions? Comments? Interpretive dance? Slide into the GM’s DMs.

Rego fees go to Snatch Squatch, PayPal @snatchsquatch, Venmo @gray52064. Please use the friends and family option if using PayPal.

Details to be added as they crystallize, but here’s the gist:

Thirstday Trail:

When: Thursday, May 23rd at 7PM
Where: Midwest Coast Brewing Company (2137 W Walnut St.)
Price: Included in package rego or individual walk-up price of $5
Hare: Oh Die Mark!
Promises/lies: trail washed away by bougie beer, redemption

Moon Trail:

When: Friday, May 24th at 7PM
Where: Liberty Lounge (3341 N Western Ave.)
Price: Included in package rego or individual walk-up price of $5
Hares: Bert’s Special Friend and Horn-E
Promises/lies: werewolves, pasty white butts

Prelube Trail:

When: Saturday, May 25th at 1PM
Where: Atlantic Bar & Grill (5062 N Lincoln Ave.)
Price: Included in full package or $15 walk-up
Hares: Antiques Load Show and Ritalin Cum Bubble
Promises/lies: food, fire pits, fire hazards, Fireball, fire crotches

Main Event:

When: Sunday, May 26th at 12PM
Where: LaBagh Woods Picnic Grove #3
Price: Included in full package or main event rego. No walk-ups allowed, get your shit together. If you bring some potluck food to share, we’ll dock a whopping FIVE DOLLARS off your rego fee. Help us do more than burgers and dawgs.
Hares: Gay Dancer, Mommy’s Little Accident, and Laura Ingalls Girls Gone Wilder
Promises/lies: hashers you thought perished in the plague, police scrutiny, an absence of misman scrutiny, a meal, actual honest-to-goodness shiggy, multiple distance options (to be specified closer to event)

Hangover? I Hardly Know ‘er!

When: Monday, May 27th at 12PM
Where: The Rusty Whisperer (Rusty Grundel and Cock Whisperer’s place at 1872 N. Clybourne Ave. #607)
Price: Included in full package or $15 walk-up
Hare: Snatch Squatch
Promises/lies: roof decks, grill daddies, kiddie pools, sex trophies, platonic cuddles